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QACPS Continuity of Learning Plan

Here is the QACPS Continuity of Learning Plan

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It was updated for May 14th, 2020

The Queen Anne’s County Public Schools (QACPS) District Continuity of Learning Plan
is designed to support the educational process during the extended school closure period due to
the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, the district plan is structured around three
phases of a continuous improvement model which has three core elements: (1) plan and
organize, (2) implement and support, and (3) evaluate and adjust. In particular, the continuity of
learning plan focuses on delivering learning in a variety of ways, leveraging the tools and
resources available to students and families, and accounting for the support they require. It does
not seek to replicate the daily classroom experience as courses and content may not be taught
live at a certain time on a particular day as students and families are accustomed to on a regular
basis. Finally, during this period of time of extended closure, our aim is to provide continuity of
learning for students by keeping them engaged and moving forward in their learning progression.
Teachers are expected to provide meaningful learning activities that will maintain and extend
students’ knowledge and skills.

Updated 5/25/2020