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Expenditures Added to School Report Card to Show Factors In Funding Education


New school-level, per-pupil expenditure data has been added to each Queen Anne’s County public school report card published annually on the Maryland School Report Card website.


Following the approval of the Maryland State Board of Education on Tuesday, June 23, school-level, per-pupil data was added to all school report card pages to illustrate the factors involved in funding education. The data shows the variation in costs based on the needs of students served in each school. The data also can show the impact of more experienced teachers versus new teachers on school-level costs.


“While the new data does not allow for accurate direct comparisons of all schools, it is a resource for understanding the costs required to provide a high-quality education for all children. We will use this new analysis to make equitable decisions and allocate resources where they are needed most to make further improvements in our high-performing school district,” said Dr. Andrea M. Kane, Superintendent of Queen Anne’s County Public Schools (QACPS).


Factors in cost determination include school enrollment, staffing, facility size, special services for students with disabilities, additional services for students living in poverty, English Learners, and career and technical education facilities and programs. School costs are supported by local, state, and federal resources, including funding by formula and grants.


The MD Report Card also includes student proficiency results, accountability data, and other information. Queen Anne’s County public schools have performed consistently well with all Queen Anne’s County public schools earned three stars or better on the state’s new 1-5 stars accountability system.


The Federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires all states to publish actual per-pupil expenditures, disaggregated by source of funds (federal and State/local) for all schools and school districts in the State. The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) published local school system per- pupil expenditures for fiscal year 2019 or school year 2018- 2019. Maryland school districts followed a standard methodology to develop the school-level per-pupil expenditure data MSDE is reporting.