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BOE Meeting October 4th, 2017

Board Meeting Recognitions  

Barb Thurber

Difference Maker: Shannon Atkinson, KIHS Annex - Reading Specialist

Hero: Caitlyn K, student

Hero - Caitlyn K, Student

Energizer Bunny: Chuck Handy STMS Lead Custodian

Energizer Bunny: Chuck Handy, STMS Lead Custodian


1. Opening of Meeting
1.01 Call to Order (Pledge)
1.02 Motion to move to closed session
2. Open Session Reconvenes
2.01 Approval of Agenda
2.02 Approval of Minutes
2.03 Open Meetings Compliance Board Opinion
3. Recognitions
3.01 Difference Maker -- Shannon Atkinson
3.02 Hero Award: Caitlyn Kridler Nominated by Krystal Chambers
3.03 Energizer Bunny Award, Chuck Handy, Stevensville Middle School, Lead Custodian
4. Community Involvement
4.01 Board Members including MABE's Legislative Update
4.02 Superintendent-- Dr. Andrea M. Kane
4.03 Executive Team
5. Student Board Member (School Update)
5.01 Student Board Member Reports
6. Citizen Participation//Public Comment
6.01 Citizen Participation//Public Comment
7. Presentations
7.01 Audit Presentation
7.02 Bridge to Excellence (Julia Alley)
7.03 Monthly Expenditure Report
8. Break
9. Current Action Items
9.01 HR Report
9.02 Transportation Report
9.03 FY19 CIP Approval
9.04 Field Trip -- QACHS Marching Band to 2017 Tournament of Bands at Hershey Park Stadium
10. Public comment
10.01 Public Comment
11. Future Meetings and Events
11.01 Future Meetings and Events
12. Adjournment
12.01 Adjournment

All presentations, documents, and minutes can be found on BoardDocs
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