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A letter from Dr. Kane: Coronavirus, Cold and Flu Season

Please see the following message from Dr. Andrea Kane concerning the coronavirus and cold and flu season.


Greetings QACPS Families and Employees, 

As you know, it’s cold and flu season. We have begun to see an increase in student absences because of respiratory illnesses so I thought I would take this opportunity to share some information with you about our efforts to keep students, staff, and visitors safe in QACPS schools and facilities, particularly in light of recent media coverage regarding the coronavirus. 

We have contacted our supplier for cleaning products and confirmed our disinfectants are effective against the coronavirus. All of the disinfectants we currently use are Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved for combatting the coronavirus. Custodians have been directed to conduct deep sanitizing in all QACPS facilities. Other measures being taken to prevent the spread of illness include following directions carefully as they pertain to preparing and applying disinfectants and spending additional time disinfecting high touch areas (doorknobs and handles, light switches, phones, desks, etc.). With students out of school on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, building custodians devoted a significant amount of time disinfecting classrooms, bathrooms, and other high traffic areas. 

The Center for Disease Control
(CDC) provides information about the coronavirus, which can be found by clicking here. The CDC reports that people diagnosed with the 2019 Novel Coronavirus reported symptoms may appear in as few as two days and as many as 14 days after exposure to the virus. Symptoms include fever, coughing, difficulty breathing, and pneumonia. Steps to prevent the spread of viruses include: 

- Thoroughly washing hands for at least 20 seconds; 

-  Using hand sanitizer to clean hands if soap and water are not available; 

-  Disinfecting surfaces; 

-  Covering noses and mouths with a tissue or cloth when sneezing and coughing; and 

-  Staying away from sick people, and staying home if you are sick. 


Please feel free to contact your school nurse with any questions that you may have. 


In Service, 

Dr. Kane signature

Andrea M. Kane, Ph.D. 

Superintendent of Schools