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Letter to Parents #2 from Acting Supt. Janet Pauls

Mrs. Pauls Letter #2

November 12, 2020


Dear Parent/Guardian,

On November 11th, during the Board of Education meeting, the members voted to continue with the small group hybrid/blended learning model with a combination of both in-person and virtual learning.  The original plan of increasing the 50% hybrid learning model remains paused until January as originally planned. The decision was based on the current health metrics and trends for Queen Anne’s County, upcoming holidays, and community exposure along with staffing concerns.  As the local public health metrics increase we are committed to continuously seeking improvements to students’ learning experiences by attempting to increase face-to-face small groups, of course, the safety and well-being of all students and staff is a priority.  


We need everyone’s help, the spread in schools is increasing as outside influences directly impact the school with rising cases and outbreaks. Please discontinue community gatherings! Just this week there has been an increase in “probable” and “active” cases in our system.  The metrics for the county are 885 confirmed cases, the 7-day rate at 6.2%, and the 7-day case rate of 13.6%. 


We look forward to reopening schools to the 50% hybrid model in January with the promise that conditions will change to welcome all students’ return to the classroom soon. 


Please know the safety and the well-being of all students is of utmost importance. We are grateful for your ongoing support. 


Thank you.




Janet Pauls

Acting Superintendent