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Letter from Dr. Kane 3/19/2021

Letter from Dr. Kane 3/19/2021
Spanish version - Letter from Dr. Kane 3/19/2021


Dear Parents, Caregivers, and Employees:


This morning, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) revised its guidance regarding social distancing.  The new guidelines have reduced the 6 feet social distancing to 3 feet which would allow more students to safely return to school for in-person instruction.  This new guidance also allows the opportunity to safely transport more students on buses.  Along with the fact that more of our employees have been vaccinated, it is safe to plan for more students to return to schools for more than 2 days per week.


This is great news for most families but the option to remain fully virtual remains in effect for those families who so choose.  For now, the hybrid schedule (AA/BB Cohorts) will remain in effect until after Spring Break.  


Neither MSDE nor the Maryland Department of Health has had an opportunity to offer guidance regarding how the revised CDC guidelines may impact Maryland schools.  I anticipate some changes and therefore QACPS leaders are planning accordingly.  Next week, principals will share information regarding changes to school schedules once they have been finalized.




Stay healthy, 


Andrea M. Kane, Ph.D. 

Superintendent of Schools