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A Letter from Dr. Saelens, Superintendent

A Letter from Dr. Saelens

Dear Parents and Community-

As a veteran Eastern Shore educator, I am truly honored to begin my service as the new superintendent for Queen Anne’s County Public Schools (QACPS). As we shift our priorities from combating the pandemic to providing an environment for all students to thrive, I am committed to leading us through new challenges that may arise.

This summer will be one of hard work to bridge the gap in learning loss, ensure school buildings are ready to welcome students in the fall, and make sure QACPS staff are ready for the school year with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment. But also, this summer needs to be one for staff, parents, and students to relax and rejuvenate after a stressful, hectic school year.

There is much for students to look forward to when they return on Monday, August 30th, but most of all, being back in their school buildings full time, five days a week. Queen Anne’s County students, educators, families, and residents have every reason to be proud of their school district. I have already seen evidence of the strong sense of community togetherness, the dedication to the success of our schools and students, and commitment to helping each student become a well educated, productive member of our community.

I am looking forward to building partnerships as a school community to ensure that together, we meet the needs of all our students and support them in their individual successes.


Patricia W. Saelens, Ed.D
Acting Superintendent
Queen Anne’s County Public Schools