Student Support Services

at Queen Anne's County Public Schools

The mission of Student Support Services is to assist in attaining optimal health, personal, interpersonal, academic, and career development so that the student may complete an appropriate educational program and become a contributing member of society. Student Support Services maintains a philosophy that the school has a distinct function in enhancing the  education and social development of children and adolescents. Team members work in an integrated, coordinated manner with the school in addressing individual situations as needed. Student Support staff includes guidance counselors, pupil personnel workers, mental health coordinators, school nurses, and school psychologists.
In addition to the services listed on this page, the Student Support department also oversees the school system’s bullying policy, school health program, and student attendance.

Prekindergarten Registration for 2023-24

Children who will be four years old on or before September 1 and who reside in Queen Anne’s County are eligible to apply for the Pre-K program. 

The enrollment process will be online for the 2023-2024 school year.  After enrollment, a screening will be used to help determine each child’s level of school readiness.  The dates for these screenings will be determined by the school after enrollment has been completed.  Students will not be considered eligible for a spot until their enrollment is complete with all documents uploaded.

My child needs to be enrolled in school NOW for the rest of the school year

New to QACPS – Student Registration

Which school will my child attend?

To register your child for school in QACPS, please obtain the following items:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Parent/Guardian Valid Driver’s License or Government Issued ID
  • Current Immunization Records
  • Proof of Residence (Electric/gas statement, lease, mortgage statement, or property tax bill)
  • Copy of last report card for grades 1-9 
  • Copy of transcript for grades 9-12
  • IEP (if applicable) 
  • 504 Plan (if applicable)
  • Verification of Residency (if applicable)

Once these forms are collected, please click on the link below which takes you to our online portal called, PowerSchool Enrollment. If you were unable to upload all documents, please call your child’s new school to set up an appointment. You will need to have the above forms with you for your appointment if not uploaded already.

Register for NEXT school year (beginning August 2023) using the links below:

Use the links below for a student that is not currently enrolled in QACPS and is registering in April and May 2023 only.

If transferring to another school district or withdrawing from QACPS, please contact the student’s current guidance counselor.

Returning Student Registration 2022-23 School Year

Students that were enrolled in QACPS for the current school year must be registered for the upcoming school year. Your child’s registration code (snapcode) is emailed to you in June, which you will need to complete the registration process. The snapcode is also located at the bottom of the last page of your child’s progress report. If you need assistance, please contact your child’s school. You must have your snapcode to register.

QAC Goes Purple

Mental Health

How QACPS Supports Students’ Mental Health

QACPS promotes the mental health and wellness of each of our students to develop their unique strengths, abilities, and characteristics towards success and well-being. 

School based mental health services are available in all Queen Anne’s County Public Schools.  Please reach out to one of our mental health coordinators if you would like further information pertaining to the referral process to access school based mental health services.

Mental Health Coordinators

Ms. Megan Pinder
410-758-2403 Ext. 310

Bayside Elementary School
Grasonville Elementary School
Kent Island Elementary School
Matapeake Elementary School
Matapeake Middle School
Stevensville Middle School
Kent Island High School

Ms. Stirling Ward
410-758-2403 Ext. 179

Centreville Elementary School
Church Hill Elementary School
Kennard Elementary School
Sudlersville Elementary School
Centreville Middle School
Sudlersville Middle School
Queen Anne’s County High School

National Resources

SAMHSA Disaster Distress Helpline: Text TalkWithUs to 66746
Crisis Text Line: Text TALK to 741741
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-TALK (8255)

Pupil Personnel Workers

Pupil Personnel Workers (PPWs) are actively involved in the Student Assistance Program, truancy reduction, drop-out reduction, enrollments, custody, home and hospital instruction, home schooling, homelessness, residency, abuse and neglect, Alternative Program, kinship, Pupil Services Teams and discipline. They are an important part of the Crisis Response Teams in each of their schools.

QACPS has two PPWs in our County  Although home-based at the Board of Education, both work out in the schools with the school teams, attendance officer, parents and students. In addition, they work closely with other county agencies through the Inter-Agency Committee which meets twice each month.

Ms. Leslie Follum
410-758-2403 Ext. 125

Bayside Elementary School
Grasonville Elementary School
Kent Island Elementary School
Matapeake Elementary School
Matapeake Middle School
Stevensville Middle School
Kent Island High School

Ms. Nicole Conner
410-758-2403 Ext. 151

Centreville Elementary School
Church Hill Elementary School
Kennard Elementary School
Sudlersville Elementary School
Centreville Middle School
Sudlersville Middle School
Queen Anne’s County High School

Home Instruction

QACPS supports home instruction in accordance with Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) §13A.10.01.

After reviewing the materials provided, if you decide to home instruct your child or children, please return the Home Instruction Notification Form to the address listed on the form. You will receive a letter from our office confirming receipt of the form.    

If your child or children are registered in a QACPS school, you must contact the guidance counselor at each school to withdraw the student(s) and to verify you have no outstanding obligations. 

The Home Instruction Notification Form must be received in this office at least 15 days prior to beginning your home instruction program. Students being home instructed are not enrolled at QACPS and cannot participate in interscholastic athletics, programs, classes, or any other extra curricular activities within the school system.

The following link will take you to the education ministries and nonpublic schools that are registered with the Maryland State Department of Education to supervise home instruction under regulation .05 of the home instruction regulations, COMAR 13A.10.01 Home Instruction.

Directions for Submitting the Home Instruction Notification Form:

  1. Read through the COMAR Home Instruction Regulation
  2. Read through the Home Instruction FAQs
  3. Complete the Home Instruction Notification Form
    1. Part C must be completed for each child. If you are enrolling a high school student in home instruction, you must check that you understand the process for obtaining high school credits in the event you decide to return to QACPS. See Information for Enrolling in a High School from Home Instruction
    2. Part C: Differences between Option A & Option B
      1. Option A: Designates that you are not using a home instruction program that is registered with MSDE to supervise Home Instruction. Instead, you are using a program(s) to obtain your curriculum; this option requires monitoring by QACPS. This usually takes place in December and May. You need to show regular, thorough instruction at these monitorings. This option also requires that you complete an update form each summer to confirm your intent to continue home instruction and your child’s grade level. Click here for additional Option A information.
      2. Option B: Designates that you are using a home instruction program that is registered with MSDE and they will monitor your program. The registered program you use will notify us each year that you are still enrolled. You only need to follow up with QACPS if you change programs, return to public school, or move out of the district. Click here for additional Option B information.
      3. Testing: Choosing “yes” simply allows us to notify you when there is standardized testing in your child’s grade. You have the option to decline. Checking “yes” does not mean testing is mandatory for you; you always have the option to decline.

Resources for Home Instruction:

Maryland Home Instruction Entities with Online Programs

How to Obtain a High School Diploma When Home Instructing

Home Educators of the Eastern Shore Co-Op

Greensboro Christian Co-Op

Blended Virtual Program

The Eastern Shore of Maryland Educational Consortium (ESMEC) is now accepting applications for the 2023-24 school year for the Blended Virtual Program (BVP). It is designed to offer families a rigorous, virtual alternative to addending the local school in person for students in grades 6-12. If you are interested, please fill out the application prior to June 15, 2023. Questions can be directed to Kevin Kintop at

Education for Homeless Students

The purpose of the QACPS Education for Homeless Students policy is to ensure each child of a homeless individual and each homeless youth has equal access to the same free, appropriate public education provided to all students.
Education of Homeless Students Policy (PDF)

Pregnant & Parenting Policy

QACPS is committed to providing equity and access for all students in a supportive school environment. Pregnant and parenting students must be allowed to participate in all aspects of the educational program, including all academic, physical, and social components. Pregnant and parenting students must have access to a range of specific activities and policies that govern activities both in and outside of the classroom. These activities include, but are not limited to, excused absences, make-up work, accommodations for instruction, lactation, and designated support staff in the school.

Pregnant & Parenting Policy (PDF)


Matt Evans

Mr. S. Matthew Evans
Supervisor of Student Support Services
410-758-2403 Ext. 155

Ms. Jean Cardwell
Administrative Secretary for Student Support Services
410-758-2403 Ext. 154