Accountability & Assessment

at Queen Anne's County Public Schools

Office of Accountability, Assessment & Data Management


  • Supervises the administration of all federal, state, and local assessments: MCAP English\Language Arts, MCAP Math, Maryland Integrated Science Assessment (MISA), Government MCAP, LS MISA, WIDA ACCESS, DLM, KRA, PSAT, SAT, AP, CogAt, NAEP.
  • Maintains the student information system, PowerSchool, and the learning management system, Schoology.
  • Maintains data reporting and applications to prepare, create, and compile electronic data, testing files and reports for district, state and federal reporting requirements. 
  • Conducts statistical research and/or analysis to improve learning outcomes for all students while targeting strategies to close achievement gaps.
  • Disseminates information regarding instructional technology, the student information system, and assessment initiatives to appropriate staff as needed.
  • Manages the teacher evaluation platform and collects and calculates Teacher Principal Evaluation (TPE) Data. Provides training and assistance to administrators on TPE Databases.

Assessment Policies & Procedures

Test Administration Policy

QACPS Local Assessment Administration Manual (LAAM) 2023-24

Maryland Assessment, Accessibility, & Accommodations Manual

Assessments & Requirements

2023-2024 QACPS Testing Calendar

2023-2024 State Testing Calendar

Assessment Requirements for Graduation

Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program (MCAP) Assessments

QACPS Tests and Assessments (Federal, State, & Local)

College and Career Readiness (CCR)

Maryland State Report Card and Resources

QACPS District and Schools


Maryland Report Card User Guide

Report Card Overview

The Maryland School Survey

Elementary School Calculations At A Glance

Middle School Calculations At A Glance

High School Calculations At A Glance

Equity Help Guide

Accountability Contacts

Dr. Matthew Kibler
Director of Accountability & Implementation –
Blueprint Coordinator
(410) 758-2403 Ext. 166
202 Chesterfield Ave.
Centreville, MD 21617
[email protected]

Mr. Jonathan Grow
Supervisor of Accountability,
Assessment, & Data Management
(410) 758-2403 Ext. 263
202 Chesterfield Ave.
Centreville, MD 21617
[email protected]

Mr. Christopher Brown
Data Specialist
(410) 758-2403 Ext. 261
202 Chesterfield Ave.
Centreville, MD 21617
[email protected]

Mr. Kevin Michaels
Instructional Technology Coordinator
(410) 758-2403 Ext. 172
202 Chesterfield Ave.
Centreville, MD 21617
[email protected]

Ms. Debbie Terry
Accountability Specialist
(410) 758-2403 Ext. 254
202 Chesterfield Ave.
Centreville, MD 21617
[email protected]

Ms. Renee Wolff
Accountability Specialist
(410) 758-2403 Ext. 137
202 Chesterfield Ave.
Centreville, MD 21617
[email protected]