Student Resources

at Centreville Elementary

CUBS Expectations

Students and staff members work hard each day to be good CES Cubs! We all follow the school expectations: Caring, Use Safety, Be Responsible, and Show Respect. 

CUBS expectations are incorporated into every aspect of our day!


Welcome to Ms. Calloway’s art class!

This year will be filled with art exploration! We will experiment with all kinds of materials, study about many different artists and create beautiful pictures! We will learn about the Elements of Art and Design.

Units of Study



Ceramics Introduction


Art Appreciation/ Art History

Materials We Need

The following materials could be donated and would be greatly appreciated!

Clean Greek Yogurt Cups

Black or colored (metallic) Sharpies

Hot glue gun sticks

Styrofoam trays/plates

Disinfecting Wipes

Cool Art Links

Google ArtProject

Create a Painting in the style of Jackson Pollock 

Toy Theatre

Pixel Art 

Tate Kids 


Marilyn Maker 



Meet Your Art Teacher

Ms. Calloway’s goal is to share her passion for art with her students and to have them meet her high expectations.

Speech & Language Development

Welcome! I am Belinda Boeshore, A.K.A. “Ms. B.”, the Speech Language Pathologist at CES.

Tips for Speech and Language Development

Articulation: The typical progression of sound development (please keep in mind, we all learn in

different ways and at different rates):

  • Producing sounds in isolation
  • Producing sounds in the initial position of words, final position of words, medial position of words (in that order)
  • Producing sounds in phrases
  • Producing sounds in sentences
  • Producing sounds in conversational speech/connected speech

To Promote Language Development

  • Introduce new vocabulary from books, stories, pictures, family trips
  • Use photos from birthdays and/or family trips to form sentences
  • Ask questions (who, what, where, when, why, how)

For Dysfluency

  • Encourage the student to slow down and think about their answer
  • Encourage the child to take a breath before talking
  • Try not to interrupt
  • Try not to finish their thoughts for them

For Voice

  • Encourage the student to drink a lot of water
  • Not to scream or yell
  • Not to speak in silly voices

Overall Communication Development

  • Using objects, gestures, pointing, picture symbols, pictures, verbalizations, and/or handover-hand assistance are helpful for children to learn ways to communicate with the world around them
  • Model, Model, Model what you want them to learn, say and do! The little ones learn from what they observe and hear!

Meet Your Speech Pathologist

Ms. Boeshore truly enjoys being a Speech Pathologist and helping students!

PFY – After School Program

Partnering for Youth provides academic, enrichment, and recreational activities for students at Queen Anne’s County schools directly after dismissal.