Fall Sports

at Queen Anne's County High School

Cross Country
Cross Country
Head Coach: Kimberly Agee
Email: Kim.agee@qacps.org
Assistant Coach: Megan Young

Field Hockey
Field Hockey
Head Coach: Shana Corder
Email: shana.corder@qacps.org
Assistant Coach: Kelsey Johnson
Email: Kelsey.johnson@qacps.org
Assistant Coach: Gabrielle Corder
Email: Gabrielle.corder@qacps.org
Assistant Coach: Paul Masucci
Email: ironman915@gmail.com


Head Coach: Brad Niesz
Email: brad.niesz@qacps.org

Soccer – Girls
Soccer Ball
Head Coach: Michael Kern
Email: Michael.kern@qacps.org
Assistant Coach: Jeff Anthony
Email: anthony0220@verizon.net
Assistant Coach: Merry Higginbotham
Email: merry.higginbotham@qacps.org

Unified Tennis
Head Coach: Jackie Hawkins
Email: jacqueline.hawkins@qacps.org

See coach for schedule

Varsity Coach: Nevada Bitter
Email: nvdbitter1@gmail.com
JV Coach: Devin Beattie
Email: devin.beattie@qacps.org
Assistant Coach: Samantha Cooper
Email: samantha.cooper@qacps.org

Head Coach: Amanda
Email: amanda@kisailing.org

Students will need to have a physical completed in order to participate along with appropriate sailing gear (i.e. lifejacket, boots, gloves, and cold weather gear when necessary). Please have this completed prior to the start of the season. If you are interested in the team or have any questions, please contact Coach Amanda.

Unified Baseball
Coach: Jeremy Black
Email: jeremy.black@qacps.org
Coach: Jessica Wynne
Email: jessica.wynne@qacps.org
Coach: Tracy Betcher
Email: tracy.betcher@qacps.org

Head Varsity Coach: Glenn Brainer
Email: glenn.brainer@qacps.org
Assistant Varsity Coach: Josh Mlynar
Email: mlynarjj@gmail.com
Junior Varsity Coach: Brittney Guy
Email: brittneyguy10@gmail.com