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Alumni Meeting Minutes

Queen Anne’s County High School Association

February 7, 2024

In attendance: Dave Ruffner, Royden and Joanne Powell, Daria Bennett, Cee Nation, Jamie Williams,
Madeline Hubbard, Susan Boone, Melissa Lenzi, Janet Crutchley
The dinner meeting was held at Mama Mia’s restaurant in Centreville. President Daria Bennett called
the meeting to order at 6:12 p.m.
The minutes from the September 14, 2023 meeting were sent electronically. The minutes were
approved as presented.
Treasurer Janet Crutchley is waiting for the final 2023 quarterly report from Chesapeake Charities. She
will send the report via email when she receives the report.
Membership: Madeline presented a detailed account of our current membership status. As of the
preparation of her report, there are 222 current members for the 2024 membership cycle. Royden
presented her 6 additional membership applications. Madeline’s report included a membership count
by year. The highest membership year was 2019 with 286 members. In looking back, the Multi-Class
reunion was held that year in July. Knowing this may impact the decision of when to hold the next
reunion event. The full report is included in the Secretary’s notebook.
Regarding the membership campaign for the next year, it was decided to keep it during the month of
Old Business:
Advertising in QACHS Playbill. We will continue to place ads in the play productions of QACHS. Any
other requests will be reviewed on an individual basis. Melissa will find out if there is still time to place
an ad for the March 2024 production.
QR code . Jamie will finalize the development of the QR code which will be included in the
advertisement in the playbill and will be placed on other formats as needed.
Instagram account. Jamie provided the login information for the Instagram account:
Facebook. The link to the scholarship on the Facebook page needs to be updated. It was also decided to
remove Debbie Brannock as an administrator since she is unable to attend meetings.
Shirts. Susan said that the Alumni tee shirts are still available in both colors. We are out of the XXL
shirts, but it was decided that we would not order additional shirts at this time. An exact inventory
count was not available.

New Business:
Multi-class reunion. Daria has reached out to Lauren Horsey at Red Eye’s Dock Bar to express our
interest in holding the 2024 Multi-Class reunion there again this year. The band line-ups and available
dates have not yet been established, but at least she knows of our interest and intention.
Sympathy card. Daria asked Susan to send a sympathy card to member Lisa Davis on the loss of her
Chesapeake Charities. Cee has heard that Chesapeake Charities may have some operating issues for us
to look out for. She mentioned another funds portal, the Mid-Shore Community Foundation which is
available in our area. Royden offered a quick overview of how the systems operated. We will continue
with Chesapeake Charities for the foreseeable future..
Scholarships: Janet reported that it is time to get the word out about our 2024 scholarship offerings.
The links on social media need to be checked. The schools will advertise the scholarships on Naviance.
Financial accounts. To answer a question about how money is deposited in each account, Janet
explained that the Shore United checking account is used for operating expenses such as postage,
insurance, shirts, etc. Dues are deposited in the Chesapeake Charities account for scholarships and gifts
to the school. Royden explained that this account is to promote and sustain the goals and initiatives of
the organization.
The next meeting date will be July 10, 2024 at a place to be determined. The meeting was adjourned at
7:21 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Boone

Alumni Events

 Queen Anne’s County High Class of 1994 Reunion

3028 Kent Narrow Way South,Grasonville, 21638, US

Saturday, June 8, 2024  6pm to 9pm

Tickets · $25 – $30 via Eventbrite

Kennard/QACHS Men’s Breakfast at Cracker Barrel Feb. 2024

Class of 1987 30th Reunion
QACHS Class of 1987 – 30th Reunion
Cindy Gibson Rhodes 1971
Cindy Gibson Rhodes ’71
Dawn Coursey 1987, Malcolm Faust 1986
Dawn Coursey ’87, Malcolm Faust ’86
Susan Baker Boone 1967, Mary Bourbon 1980
Susan Baker Boone ’67, Mary Bourbon ’80
Alumni Table at Queen Anne's County Fair August 2014
Trudy Blouch Schiwy ’81, Susan Baker Boone ’67, Madeline Parks Hubbard ’67- Alumni Table at Queen Anne’s County Fair August 2014
2016 QAC Fair
2016 QAC Fair
2016 QAC Fair
2016 QAC Fair
2016 QAC Fair
2016 QAC Fair
2016 QAC Fair
2016 QAC Fair
2016 QAC Fair
2016 QAC Fair



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