School Counselor

at Queen Anne's County High School

Counseling Services

QACHS Guidance Counselors provide a comprehensive guidance program for students in grades 9-12. Guidance Counselors consult with teachers, staff, and parents to enhance their effectiveness in helping students. They plan various activities to meet the changing needs of students, and work closely with other school educational programs.

Guidance Counselors help students by:

  • Planning high school courses
  • Exploring careers with students
  • Planning for education and training after graduation
  • Distributing information about post-secondary institutions
  • Helping with applications for continuing education
  • Finding financial aid information
  • Manage the local scholarship process for students
  • Interpreting test results
  • Teaching students how to cope with personal problems
  • Helping students analyze self interests and abilities
  • Disseminating school information to parents via newsletters and information seminars.
  • Assist Juniors and Seniors with planning for and enrolling in Dual Enrollment classes with Chesapeake College
  • Collaborative planning of the schools master schedule to meet the educational needs of the student.
  • Making schedule adjustments to individual student schedules to best match instruction to students abilities.
  • Assist in placement of Career and Technology Students in Work related jobs.

Meet Your School Counselors

Freshman Counselor | Last Names: (A-G) Willis, (H-O) Moore, (P-Z) Betts |

Sophomore Counselor | Mr. Kim Betts | Email

Junior Counselor | Ms. Bob Willis | Email

Senior Counselor | Ms. Kelley Moore | Email

To make an appointment with your Counselor, please use the links above to send an email.


In high school, students complete at least one more project (a minimum of 15 more hours), in order to complete at least 5 Service-Learning projects within Queen Anne’s County Public Schools (for a total of 75 hours minimum) that incorporate academic preparation and structured reflection to satisfy the Maryland State Department of Education graduation requirement. In addition to a requirement for National  Honor Society induction, Community Service is also an important part of a resume and something strongly considered by colleges when granting acceptance. Many opportunities to complete Community Service are offered both within and outside of school.

Examples of the Service-Learning opportunities available to students include:

Operation Christmas Child – Summary | Reflection

Masonry Community Building – Summary | Reflection

Wells for Ghana – Reflection

Food Drive – Summary

Carpentry Community Building – Summary | Reflection

Operation Shoebox – Summary

Bullying & Harassment

Queen Anne’s County Public Schools defines bullying, harassment and intimidation as intentional conduct, including verbal, physical, or written conduct or an intentional electronic communication that is repeated over time, creates a hostile educational environment by substantially interfering with a student’s educational benefits, opportunities, or performance, or with a student’s physical or psychological well being and is:  

  1. Motivated by an actual or perceived personal characteristic including race, national origin, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, ancestry, physical attributes, socioeconomic status, familial status, or physical or mental ability or disability; or,
  2. Threatening or seriously intimidating; and
  3. Occurs on school property, at a school activity or event, or on a school bus; or,
  4. Substantially disrupts the orderly operation of school

“Electronic communication” means a communication transmitted by means of an electronic device, including a telephone, cellular phone, computer, or pager.

Any student committing acts of bullying, harassment and intimidation, or engaging in reprisal and retaliation, or any person found to have made false accusations will receive an appropriate consequence and/or intervention. Depending on the nature of the offense, consequences and interventions for the aforementioned behaviors can range from parent/student conference to expulsion from school.

New Student Registration

Please visit the main QACPS site for information about enrolling a new student at QACHS

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